Anoop Simon and Mark Naji join the cast of Camp X-Ray

About Anoop Simon

Anoop Simon is a Pakistani American Actor/Model who was raised in Reno, NV. He Graduated from Galena H.S. in 1997 and honorably served in the U.S. Navy for eight years. During his service he toured with the U.S. Marine Corps as a Hospital Corpsman/Combat Medic while stationed in Iraq and Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Anoop's military training through the U.S. Navy opened the door for a career as a professional Surgical Scrub. After his military training and medical career as a successful and respected Surgical Scrub were established, Anoop took the first step towards his lifelong dream of being an actor by enrolling in acting school. The acting training received through Take2Performers Studio opened the door for representation from an L.A. based talent agency. In January 2012, Anoop left his hometown of Reno, NV for Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor. Since his arrival in L.A. he has had many opportunities and doors open and he is actively living his dream to become a professional actor.

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About Mark Naji

Mark Naji is an award winning screenwriter. His short screenplay Franko won the grand prize at the Indie S.F.M.A Festival in Long Beach, CA. Naji wrote the script for the sole purpose of giving himself a leading role after realizing that walking up and down Hollywood blvd. in the hopes of getting discovered was far-fetched. The script was produced with the help of Jean Moriarty, a close and dear friend of his. Naji gave new meaning to the words triple threat, sing, dance and act, in his case it was write, direct and act. His love for the arts and media started at a very young age, so it's no surprise he has made his way to California to live out this lifelong passion for performing as an actor in one of the most influential cities in the world, Hollywood; the land of broken dreams.

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