NEW fan pics of Kristen on the Camp X-Ray set + fan encounter

Four new fan pics of Kristen on the Camp X-Ray set (August 9). This is after she finished filming on set, she was really tired.

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Fan encounter:

"I said I would do a Twitlonger to talk about my Camp x ray set visit. I arrived in L.A and myself and a friend checked into our motel and headed to the set. When we got there, there was already a couple fans there. I immediately recognized them, they were my friends from the premieres. So unexpected, but was so great to see them,soon a couple others arrived and their ended up being 6 of us total. We all talked amongst ourselves and enjoying fangirling together about the past events that brought us together. I was getting so anxious, we did not expect to see her that first day because we were not even sure they were filming there still, and so we were just checking things out over there. I was not prepared at all, we had nothing for her to sign. We ended up using a piece of the paper with the directions there. I had a family pic in my purse from my sister's Wedding Shower. LOL,but we were staying. Every minute that went by, I got more anxious.We saw cars leaving before her driving right by us. Still no Kristen,the other ladies said to be very quiet and not stand up,because K had just been driving by and waving at fans. So we stayed quiet and respectful. Finally we see this black car driving up and I could hardly recognize Kristen,then she looked at us, I waved at her and she waved back, it looked like she was just going to drive by and suddenly she stopped. I was like so nervous, my friend went first,then I went second, I handed her my family pic backwards hoping she would not turn it over,but she did, and goes what the??, LOL, I was like Kristen I did not have anything to sign. It was so funny but kind of embarrassing. So she signed it, after she got done with everyone. Someone asked about pics,she said she could not get out of the car, the paps were bothering her,we told her we were watching for them. I was going to go over and tell them off. She said I don't want them making money off me. That is when I said I flipped one off earlier when we first got there.She said Right on!! She chit chatted with us for a bit,and then left. Me and my friend were disappointed we did not have anything for her to sign, I had left my pic with her and I at B.D 2 in the hotel. So we went back a couple days later. We were only expecting to just get a autograph. Two other very nice young woman joined us for the evening. While we waited about, the entire cast drove by. We waved and one cast member started chatting with us. He said I have yet to get my pic with Kristen.LOL, he was joking with us about it. Again we were very quiet and security was watching us pretty closely. We just chatted amongst ourselves. It was getting late,and we heard them still filming.Finally, we see the black car,all of us just got completely still. She pulled up right in front of us again,my friend said Hey Kristen just wanted to ask if she was willing to do pics with us this night. (Of course we're going to ask)She said yes, so all of went back and got pics and autographs. We could tell both nights she was tired,but it was at the end of filming,so she was more willing. But did not want to stay to long that night. We respected her,and made it real quick. Their was another couple exits so she already knew she was going to spend a couple minutes with us. I gave her a hug and another fan gave her jewelry and we were on our way. Kristen is a super hard worker,we are all so proud of her and her and her willingness to spend time with fans."

Thanks to RespectingRK13 :)